The housing crisis in Canada has made owning property an unattainable goal for some. There are people who have lived 40 years in the same city struggling to find safe and affordable housing. Renting is stuck in the past and needs a rethink away from paid ads and emails.

I'm building the technology which helps create healthier, more productive communities by empowering renters, property owners and everyone in between. TADA! provides a platform for ethical and transparent rental housing.

TADA! is a toolkit for renters, property managers, landlords and whomever else is involved in the renting process. I have researched and focused on solutioning every step of the rental journey and designed features like showing schedules, service requests, tenant groups and so much more.

TADA! is designed to support transparency and is focused on helping everyone win — so it's free for everyone to use. I'm not a broker, so I don't make any money off your listing (unless you pay for the premium version), but I'll give you a platform to market your place on your own and give you tools to attract tenants.

I pay the bills by offering reasonable rates for premium features available to property owners. For renters though — free.

I know this problem very well already - I made Good Neighbour. In fact, many of the features of TADA! started out as features of Good Neighbour, which means I'm already halfway there. Trust knowing that I'm building on a strong desire for housing reform.

For Renters.

I believe that tenants are consumers. To get you the best home possible, for the best value, I am working on a set of tools that help you find a home with little to no effort.

With TADA!, tenants can:

  • 🚨 Create search alerts that will show you homes that fit your exact needs.
  • 🗓 Easily book showings without the back and forth to coordinate schedules.
  • 💰 Understand utility costs through reviews from previous renters and the landlord.
  • 🛠 Submit maintenance requests quickly and easily.
  • 👯‍♀️ Find a roommate(s).
  • 📝 Easily apply to an apartment.
  • 💬 Join or create a tenant group.

For Property Owners, Managers, Landlords.

You catch a lot of heat, but I've got a way to make things easier. TADA!'s tools are designed to help you manage the value and quality of your property, find tenants, and keep your customers happy.

Instead of posting the same information on as many listing sites as possible, I want you to post on TADA! and leave with your own standalone site. Unlike other tools, I actually want you to leave with your listing site in hand, and post it wherever you want. Unique URL and all. Think of it as your own personal listing site that you can edit as much as you'd like 🎉

For property owners we are simplifying your role as well:

  • 📊 Track applicants and perform background checks.
  • ⏰ Schedule showings for applicants and coordinate viewings with your existing tenants.
  • 🏙 Manage multiple units or buildings at once.
  • 📸 Unlimited pictures and videos. Virtual Tours? Bring em!
  • 📬 Send out notices and schedule routine maintenance.
  • 📈 Collect payments and manage your operating costs - coming soon.

When you list with TADA!, you get metrics telling you how much traffic is coming in from your listing — and your listing will be sent to renters who have been searching for exactly what you have to offer. TADA! makes it simple for them to coordinate viewings by creating a scheduling system so they can book their own showings directly from the website or mobile app (coming soon).

The plan.

Real talk, capitalism effing sucks and I do need to pay bills to eat, and to run this thing. Premium features for property owners and managers will be offered, but renters are already paying enough with deposits and moving costs — so they don't have to pay anything!

I'll be launching our web application beta in the next few months. If you're interested in being a part of the beta, please contact me. Initially, I'll be focusing on the Toronto/GTA market through our website, but I'll be expanding to all of North America when I launch our mobile apps.

TADA! listings will be available for free through our API for anyone who wants to integrate TADA! into their platform. If you're interested in bringing our data into your platform, I would love to

If you have any questions, comments or would be interested in supporting the work through investment or sponsorship (🏆 - this is for you), please reach out to

Thanks for giving a shit. ❤️

- Drew Minns